July 10, 2002
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Dear Joe,

My name is ------ Lanclos and I am Joseph's daughter in law. He has requested that I answer your letter with the following information which he recalls as of the events of November 7, 1941:[December 7, 1941?]

That day was his birthday and he recalls being at mass, a Catholic service, when the attack occured. Seems he recalls having fun in a bar on the base the night before but doesn't recall seeing Jacques there.

The day of the attack he was sent to guard ammo at C Battery to the rear of Hickum Field and often drove the officers to meetings.

Two months following the attck, he recalls driving the Captain and Lieutenant and the 2nd Lieutenant to a meeting where he met Jacques. Jacques was assigned to drive officers from headquarters where he had been since the attack. They visited and conversed while the meeting was held and Joseph doesn't recall anything about them discussing any injuries sustained while the bombing went on or the fact that Jacques had received a purpel heart medal.

Joseph returned home in 1944 for his mother's funeral and was then sent to meet his company in Okinawa and did not see Jacques until their get together after the presentation in Alexandria.

I am very sorry that my father in law's memory doesn't fit with Jacques' but then they are getting on in age...I am amazed that they recall as much as they do. I had once requested the medals that Joseph has listed on his discharge papers and never could get them and I gave up trying. I do wish you luck in your endeavor.




5 September 2002: This letter was in response to a request for information to the Lanclos family regarding the events of December 7, 1941. The two men [Jacques and Joseph] knew that the other lived in Louisiana somewhere and had never gotten together since the war until a get together in Alexandria arranged by a local newspaper for servicemen who had served during the attack on Pearl Harbor. The get together was for the 50th Anniversary of the Attack. They did NOT know that either one was going to be there until they arrived.


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